Height 185m
Weight 85 Kg
Blue eyes
Graying hair

Two-year course at the “Teatri di Vita” theatre school in Bologna; four-year period of learning the “Strasberg Method” with Francesca De Sapio (Lifetime member of The Actors Studio), Danny Lemmo (Lifetime member of The Actors Studio), and Raffaello Lombardi. Moreover: Italian diction workshops by Alessandra Frabetti and seminars on dubbing and vocal techniques by Roberto Pedicini, Jasmina Pecic, Germana Giannini.


In 1999 “Rottwag” – Mimic Theater – Director: F. De Nicola
In 1999 “La gabbianella” (Sepulveda’s novel) Role: Zorba the Cat – Director R. Di Maso.
In 2001 “Bagatelle” (From “7 DOORS” by Botho Strass) Director: F. Ballico
In 2003 “Richard III” Role: Richard III – Director: Oscar De Summa
In 2004 “Line” (I. Horovitz) Role: Dolan – Director: R. Lombardi
In 2004 “Luigi Pirandello – Readings” – Director: R. Di Maso
In 2005 “Ashes to ashes “(by H. Pinter) Role: Devlin – Director: R. Lombardi
(recognition of critics at the “Independent Theater Festival” in Pordenone)
In 2006 “No man’s land” Role: Sergeant Marchand – Director: R. Lombardi

In 2006 “Line” Role: Dolan OTP Theatre Company
In 2007 “Fando and Lis” (by Arrabal) Role: Fando – OTP Theatre Company
In 2008 “The merry wifes of Windsor” Role: Bardolph – Director: R. Morselli
In 2009 Director and protagonist of “Traitors and Rodents” “Teatro in libertà”;
In 2015 Director and protagonist of “The Star spangled girl”
In 2018 “Tomas” – Director: Francesca Calderara – Teatro TP


In 2007 Fiction TV — “Il commissario De Luca” ( regia A. Frazzi – prod. Ager 3 – RAIUNO )
In 2007 Fiction TV “Quo vadis baby” ( SKY fiction )
In 2007 Fiction TV “L’ ispettore Coliandro” ( Regia: Manetti Bros – RAI DUE )
In 2009 TV Program RAIUNO “Verdetto finale” RAIUNO – Produzione Endemol Italia
In2009 Fiction Tv “C’era una volta la città dei matti” ruolo : Sergio Zavoli ( regia: M. Turco ) RaiUno

In 2018 “Coin’s world travel” (Special guest of the episode “Florence”) – Amazon Prime Production
In 2019 Protagonist of “Strange Therapy” (coming soon …)

In 2002 “Il vento, di sera” Role: CSI Inspector Director: A. Adriatico
In 2005 Short film “Woodabee” Role: Charles , the lover – Director: G. Cassini.
In 2006 “Goodbye Mr. Zeus” Frank, the policeman – Director: C. Sarti (I.T.C. Movie Production)
In 2007 Short film “Thief” Doctor Alberto, the Murderer Director: D. Monesi
In 2012 “La finestra di Alice” Role: Steve, the Bodyguard Director: C. Sarti Borgo Spettacolo Production
Nel 2018 “La Freccia del tempo” – Role: Charles Darwin – Director: C. Sarti Misami Film Production

From 1991 to 1997 Conductor of radio programs (at “Radio Sfera Regione” and “Ciao Radio”).
In 2009 Audiobook “Edipo Re” produced by RAVENNA FESTIVAL (Director: G. Marchesini)
In 2009 Voice over for the Videogame “Splinter cell conviction 4- Double Agent” (Arkì Studio Production)

Since 2014 I collaborate with Companies, Associations and Educational Institutes that require my course of “Empathic Communication and Public Speaking”

Since 2017, as a Psychosyntetic counselor, I am the creator and teacher of the innovative theater workshop “In and out of the mask”